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Corresponding of 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP), issued by Environmental Protection Agency

All commercial marine vessels more than 79 feet (24meters) in length to enter the water of the United States, the VGP regulates to use of “Environmental Acceptable Lubricants” (EAL) for all oil to sea interfaces, unless technically infeasible.

2013VGP “technical infeasible” are defined as below.

a) That no EAL products are approved for use in a given application that meet manufacturers specifications for that equipment.
b) That products which come pre-lubricated (e.g., wire ropes) have no available alternatives manufactured with EALs.
c) That products meeting a manufacturer’s specifications are not available within any port in which the vessel calls.
d) Change over and use of an EAL must wait until the vessel’s next dry-docking.

Correspondence of VGP

The products related all oil-to-sea are the followings : Propeller, side thruster and rudder
In case of replacement of parts to EAL, operation should be done by dry dock.
Please contact us, if your product is 2013VGP “technical infeasible”, we will provide letter of “Technically Infeasible”.

Controllable Pitch Propeller(CPP)

»Recommended list of EAL grease for CPP Hub

Fixed Pitch Propeller(FPP)

Fill the requirement EAL grease of 2013VGP.

Side Thruster

»Recommended list of EAL for TCB type side thruster
»Recommended list of EAL for TFA type side thruster
Other type thrusters, please contact us.

K-7 Rudder

Recommended list of EAL grease, please contact us.

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