History– HISTORY –

Kamome Propeller’s Developments to the Present

  • Sep. 1924
    Itawaza Foundry established to begin manufacturing ship propellers
  • Mar. 1961
    CPH manual hydraulic controllable pitch propeller announced
  • Dec. 1961
    CPA power-driven hydraulic controllable pitch propeller announced
  • Oct. 1963
    Company name changed to Kamome Propeller Co., Ltd. and new plant built at current location in Totsuka-ku, Yokohama
  • Mar. 1964
    CPE electric remote-controlled controllable pitch propeller announced
  • May. 1966
    TF side thruster with fixed pitch propeller announced
  • Apr. 1967
    CPR controllable pitch propeller with built-in reduction gear announced and patents obtained in five countries outside Japan
  • Jun. 1974
    TC side thruster with controllable pitch propeller announced
  • Aug. 1976
    CPC150 10,000-horsepower controllable pitch propeller delivered
  • Feb. 1979
    CPCM developed. Small-sized controllable pitch propellers begin to be widely used
  • Apr. 1981
    Skew blades adopted for controllable pitch and fixed pitch propellers
  • Jul. 1981
    Announces K-7 Rudder high lift flap rudder
  • Jul. 1982年
    Delivers 3000th controllable pitch propeller
  • Jul. 1985
    Joystick control system – MACS developed and announced
  • Mar. 1987
    TCA new-type side thruster with controllable pitch propeller announced
  • Aug. 1987
    Optimum Propulsion Control System – PRO-CON21 released
  • Oct. 1987
    Feathering controllable pitch propeller system developed and exported together with integrated operation control systems
  • Feb. 1990
    Omni-Thruster water jet thruster delivered
  • Mar. 1992
    TFA new-type fixed pitch propeller released
  • Jul. 1993
    Partnership established with Fixturlaser AB and laser precision measuring system released
  • Oct. 1998
    ISO9001 certification obtained for quality management systems
  • Jun. 1999
    15,887-kilowatt (21,600-ps) controllable pitch propellers for roll-on/roll-off ships delivered
  • Aug. 1999
    Optimum Propulsion Control System – PRO-COM CX-300 developed
  • Jun. 2000
    DS Series side thrusters compatible with dynamic positioning systems developed
  • Jan. 2001
    CPC-N improved-type controllable pitch propellers for small ships developed
  • Jan. 2003
    CPC-170BF for high-speed roll-on/roll-off ships delivered
  • Mar. 2004
    Hub cylinder type controllable pitch propeller developed
  • Apr. 2004
    Joystick Control System – MACS-KM developed
  • Sep. 2004
    TCB new-type thruster with a controllable pitch propeller released
  • Apr. 2006
    Controllable pitch propellers for hybrid contra-rotating propulsion systems delivered
  • Feb. 2008
    Delivers 3,000th side thruster
  • Oct. 2010
    Delivers 1,000th K-7 rudder
  • Oct. 2012
    Delivers 5,000th controllable pitch propeller
  • Dec. 2014
    Delivers 4,000th side thruster
  • Jul. 2017
    GATE RUDDER® System developed