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Pioneering the Evolution of Propellers

KAMOME Controllable Pitch Propellers excel in operability and save money. KAMOME Fixed Pitch Propellers were created at the time our business was established. We respond to a range of users’ needs as the pioneer in the evolution of propellers.

Controllable Pitch Propellers

Excellence in Operability and Economy

KAMOME Controllable Pitch Propellers were developed in 1961 with our unique technology. Their superior control increases safety in ship operations, and optimal control suited to operational conditions saves money.

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Fixed Pitch Propellers

Satisfying All Needs

KAMOME Fixed Pitch Propellers were developed when our company was established. We have continued to develop up-to-date analytical, design and production technologies to suit all ship types and to meet the full range of needs. We also respond to demands for greater economy.

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