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Company Name Kamome Propeller Co., Ltd.
Head Office 690 Kamiyabe-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama 245-8542 Japan
Phone: +81-45-811-2461
Sales Offices Osaka, Kyushu and Tohoku
Representative Hiroshi Itazawa, president
Year of Establishment 1924 (incorporated: 1943)[History]
  • Manufacturing and sale of propellers, control systems and power saving equipment for ships
  • Repair and servicing for propellers and other systems
  • Real estate leasing
Certificate of Classification JG , NK , LRS , DNV GL , BV , CCS , CR , KR , ABS , IRS
Capital 100 million yen (as of December 2008)
Number of Employees 180 (as of December 2008)

Background of our company name

In 1924, our business began in Sunamachi, Tokyo. Corresponding to today’s Kitasuna, Minamisuna, Shinsuna and Higashisuna in Koto-ku, this district lay at the estuary of the Sumida River, which flows into Tokyo Bay. In those days, from Sunamachi seagulls (kamome in Japanese) could be viewed circling over the sea. Seagulls are also a symbol of a good fish catch. We named our product the KAMOME Propeller after the beautiful form of these seabirds. This attractive trademark grew so familiar to our customers that in 1963 our company name was changed to Kamome Propeller Co., Ltd.
When our head office and plant were moved to their current location in the same year, we built a bridge named Kamome-bashi to link the site with a trunk road. This name has now taken root in the community and still identifies the bridge.

Kamome Propeller Head Office