Fixed Pitch Propellers– Fixed Pitch Propellers –

Satisfying All Needs

KAMOME Fixed Pitch Propellers were developed when the company was established and are now at the heart of KAMOME’s line of products. We will continue to advance our design and production technologies according to current needs and based on continued analyses and accumulated customer data in order to provide a broad array of propellers applicable to all types of ships, meeting the full range of needs. We will upgrade traditional technologies to satisfy the needs to modernize ships in search of greater economy.

Reflected in our track record of production, our high reliability is supported by 90-plus years of history and expertise as a manufacturer dedicated to ship propellers.

Shafting Instruments

Shafting instruments transmit propeller thrust from the main engine, serving as the most important part of the ship and bearing the greatest expectations for high reliability. Produced with thorough design and inspection based on our years of performance, immediate shafts, bearings, stern tubes and other shafting instruments are essential for safe sailing and gaining the strong trust of the user.

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