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Catalog and Brochure Download

Products catalog and brochure can be downloaded in PDF Profile.

Products Catalog


PDFKAMOME Controllable Pitch Propellers: A-type Series (6 pages, 1.2MB)

PDFKAMOME Controllable Pitch Propellers: B-type Series (6 pages, 1.2MB)

PDFKAMOME Fixed Pitch Propellers (6 pages, 1.6MB)

Side Thruster

PDFKAMOME Side Thrusters: TCB-type Series (6 pages, 1.8MB)

PDFKAMOME Side Thrusters: TFA-type Series (4 pages, 1.4MB)

Flap Rudders

PDFKAMOME K-7 Rudder (4 pages, 2.0MB)

Control System

PDFJoystick Control System - MACS-KM (5 pages, 0.3MB)

Technical Keywords

PDFA smart way of using a controllable pitch propeller (6 pages, 0.4MB)

Company Brochure


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